The games guild is a community dedicated to nurturing and supporting the emerging talent in the business and craft of games. It is a space that brings together the modern-day equivalent of apprentices, journeyman, and masters in all aspects of the game industry to develop the skills and the self-confidence members need for career success.

Ancient guilds were associations of craftsmen or merchants who organized themselves to harness the power of their collective strength against the market forces of their time. A craft guild's purpose was to protect the interest of its members, nurture the next generation of craftsman and provide the mutual support along the way. Similarly, merchant guilds were focused on leveraging their combined power through a shared marketing strategy and developing aspiring merchants.

Given the complexities of the modern world we think it wise than any modern equivalent needs to be a hybrid of these two types of guilds. To be successful in this industry we all need to understand both the craft and the business of games. Crafts people need a space to share their work and to get constructive feedback. They also need some mechanism that can help their games find a market and to nurture their entrepreneurship to grow the business side of the enterprise.

Our vision for The Games Guild is to act as an accelerator for the development of the next generation of game professionals and to provide an avenue for bringing good ideas to market by leveraging the power of community.



  1.  Promote the development of talent through constructive feedback, collaborative learning, networking and mentorship.
  2. Voluntary and open membership for all those who are willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political, or religious discrimination.
  3. Promote member economic opportunity by working collaboratively to assist artisans in finding markets for their work.
  4. Cooperation is valued over competition- we seek collaborative partnerships with other associations or organizations focused on our common interests.
  5. Promote the sustainable development of our community through policies enacted by the vote of the members.
  6. We value the wisdom of communities and we view The Games Guild as a democratic organization, controlled by its members who actively participate in setting their policies and making decisions.