About Us

The Games Guild is a student run marketing team designed for working with schools such as Becker College, Brown University, Rhode Island Institute of Design, WPI, Northeastern University, and Temple. All games that are advertised are made by students. We offers real world experience in a safe, fun, collaborative environment and work as a publisher and puts out advertisements, marketing, and outreach for MassDiGI.

We are affiliated with MassDiGi, a non-profit company designated for working with schools, students, and entrepreneurial efforts to create video games. All games are made by students. All run by students. Raccoon Revenge, Merge Surge, Pulto’s Ascent, and Danger Duckling are our most recent launches on the Google Play and Apple stores! We hope you will join us in celebrating by downloading the games yourself, and sharing with your friends, family, fellow developers and mobile game enthusiasts!